Sunday Picnic



Today was such a fun and relaxing day. Our local Masjid held a picnic and the food was amazing! Image


What a perfect day to wear a maxi! My orange printed one here is from Burlington Coat Factor. I was afraid that I would get really hot in it because of the dark orange color, but surprisingly I didn’t get sweaty. The thing about Maxi dresses is that you dont even need to spend time creating a look because the dress makes you look all dolled up and fancy when actually you hardly put any thought into your outfit





The blazer was a birthday gift from momma hijabi. She purchased it from Dots. It looks like leather but its actually made of cotton. Gotta cover them sleeves!





Thats my friend completely taking my shot and thats me being completely unaware of her photobomb.



The park that we were at, also had a lake and we paddled on these little raft boats for an hour. The scenery was so beautiful but our legs were killing us! There were alot of activities that were created for the sisters. There were pebble races, water balloon fights, tennis and the food was incredible!



I think I’ll finish this post with this swan. The geese and swan were so beautiful. I want it so bad!

Thank you for reading! Inshallah until next time ❤


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