EID MUBARAK EVERYONE!!!!!!!! How has everyones been. Inshallah your Eid’s have gone well. Oh the joy of Eid. The Wondrous occasion where you excitedly wake up in the morning to attend Eid Prayer to submit to your lord. I feel like the best part is when everyone begins hugging each other even if you have no clue who your hugging :D! SO MUCH LOVE EVERYWHERE!

gurl yas

Whats an Eid without a super fancy dress, Ofcourse thats not what Eid is about, but….come on……its only twice a year you get to fancy yourself up. ( excluding parties and weddings…duh)

I was actually going to wear a hot pink dress instead but last minute I found out it didnt fit on me -.-…..so my Momma Hijabi pulled out this gorgeous suit that looked amazing! Love you ❀


My sisters and I went on a starbucks run because we were so tired. We stayed up the whole night -.-.



So how do others feel about chemical mehndi. Does anyone else catch a rash. Id rather sleep the night with my henna then peel it off. But alas The color came out beautifully. My aunt and beautifully designed this while my design……was a little….messed up because Im a really messy person πŸ˜›

eshaal cutie

Aww look how cute. My baby cousin looked absolutely adorable! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!


Finally, just wanted thank this gorgeous gal for creating great memories with me! This is Laiba, The best cousin and sister I ever had! πŸ˜€ I love you so much! Good luck in College! Eid Mubarak


So how was everyones Eid?

Inshallah until next time ❀

Twitter: @hiraali149


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