Floral Print

IMG_0894 IMG_0886 IMG_0885

I cant let go of summer. I just cant. I miss all the floral prints and vibrant colors. *sigh. Sooo…today thats exactly what I did. This is a completely different feel from yesterdays wintery outfit. These pants are so incredibly amazing. Words cannot describe the elegance I feel once I slip them on. There quite bold of a color, so I wanted to counterbalance that with a white top. But not just ant white top, a printed white top! Yup, flowers all over it. Ha….Is it weird that this whole outfit is from H&M….. Anyways…loose pants such as these give off a very sophisticated look however, a bold color retains personality and adds a huge pop of color to your look.  Outfit deets:

Shirt and Bottoms: H&M

Shoes: Old Navy

Scarf: Sears

Inshallah until next time ❤

twitter: @hiraali149

Insta: instagram.com/thedreamingali


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