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Salaam!!!!! Guess what! Eid is coming up!!!!!!! I cant wait. If you dont know what Eid is, Dont worry, Ill upload a blog specifically on Eid in the next few days. But anyways, today was a chill day, since it was Monday….(such a scart word XD) I went for my got-to peice…maxi dress. Especially this grey one which easily transitions from summer to fall. This dress is so versatile, I can dress it up or down, with different accessories or jackets and what not. I absolutley love it. I paired it with a maxi cardigan that was just a basic black color, but I decided to try something fun for my hijab. This wild cheetah/zebra print is really eye- catching and really ties the outift together. I have no accesories on yet, my scarf does enough to bring color into my outift.


Dress: H&M

Scarf and Cardi: Burlington Coat Factory

Shoes: Flea Market

Thanks for reading! Hoped you enjoyed. Inshallah until next time ❤

twitter: @hiraali149

insta: instagram.com/thedreamingali


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