Cold hues

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Salam Everyone. Cold weather is upon us *sigh. I just cant let go of my maxi skirts. Today was a rather warmer fall day so I decided to start the week out in style by wearing this beautiful skirt with these eye-catching colors. I wore an ombre hijab to match with the colors in my skirt. The purple, teal, turquoise, and white pop brightly and suit each other very well. I had to keep it comfy, so i slipped on my pair of nike flats, and wore a simple graphic tee accompanied by a black cardigan just incase it got a little chilly, and believe me, it did 😛

Top: H&M

Cardigan: H&M

Skirt: Rainbow Shops

Shoes: Nike

insta: @thedreamingali

twitter: @hiraali149

Inshallah until next time ❤


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