Silk Roses

IMG_2529 IMG_2531IMG_2532


Salaam everyone. Todays ootd is a bit more fancier than my normal ones. I decided to base my outfit around this long maxi cardigan covered in roses. The cardigan is sleevless so i wore a long sleeve top underneath that matched the color of the roses and wore a black scarf and a pair of black pants. Im sorry if the pictures are a little blurry, it was raining outside, so I had to photograph inside, nevertheless, Im here to blog :D. Even though its fall, its still not as cold as it should be. I wore my platform sandals to add height and a touch of cuteness to the elegance of the outfit. I got so many compliments wearing this cardigan, because the roses were painted so beautifully on the silk material and the outfit overall is very simple.

Cardigan: Burlington Coat Factory

Top: Macy’s

Shoes and Pants: H&M

Thanks for reading. Inshallah until next time<3

Insta: @thedreamingali

twitter: @hiraali149


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