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Asalamualaikum! How was everyones thanksgiving break? I was visiting family in Delaware and Im finally back. Although it is the beginning of december, today was a warm day.  I didn’t need to walk out in my winter coat, so instead I decided to wear my grey anorak that I got a while ago. It didn’t fit me very well back then, but thankfully I grew into it. It was cloudy out today so   i matched the grey sky with this grey jacket and a pair of nude combat boots which Im obsessed with. However, I dont wear them as often as I’d like to, because they are a little hard to pull off. No worries, because I matched my hijab perfectly with my boots to balance out the look. For bottoms, Im wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans, which are light washed and a little to big for me but thats ok, because they look cute anyways. I wanted to keep my top basic, so I just wore white since the nude color and the grey were the main color combinations of my outfit.

Top: Gap

Anorak: Aeropostale

Boots: DSW
Scarf: Burlington

Jeans: H&M

insta: @thedreamingali

twitter: @hiraali149

Inshallah until next time.


2 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. I’m a big fan of this outfit. It’s edgy and feminine at the same time. The scarf matched beautifully with your shoes. It was smart to keep your top simple.

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