Casual Sophistication

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Salaam Everyone. Platform boots were everything back in 2014. I really wanted a pair, since they were so versatile and I scored a pair at H&M for 20$!!! These are perfect for the winter because they have a rubber heel and made of suede material, so if they get dirty or dusty, you can just brush it off. Here I paired it black bottoms to elongate my legs, even though I looked like a giant wearing these. I became atleast 5’6 when I wore these. Wearing a colored shirt underneath of your tops and sweaters is really preppy, and I love how it adds class and sophistication to your outfit without making you look frumpy.  My whole outfit is from H&M, except for my white bag which I purchased at Aldos Shoes. White bags, lemme just say, are a pain because they get dirty so easily, but I just love the color white so much, that I have so many white bags that have turned yellow lol.

Insta: @thedreamingali

twitter: @hiraali149

Inshallah until next time ❤


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