Salaam everyone :D!!!! Theres way too much snow in New York. Sigh, If only it would melt all away. Neverthless, winter is my favorite time of the year to style, because it means layering, covering up and implementing dark tones to your wardrobe. Today I threw on my go-to look. A basic, solid colored dress with some black knee-highs. A solid colored dress is a great staple in your wardrobe because you can dress it up or keep it casual. Ofcourse since it was chilly, I opted for this black cardigan with cute ruffles. Remember simple details, like ruffles, can take your outfit to another level. Now, since I was wearing this plum colored dress, It reminded me of Rapunzels purple outfit in Tangled. I styles my hijab in a loose “Rapunzel-esque” turban to change it up a bit.


1- When Styling the Bottom half of your body, stick to one color. My black leggings match my black boots which elongate my legs. 

2- Match your lipstick shade to the shade of your dress. It will brighten your face and pull your outfit together.

3- Dont be afraid to invent and experiment. Do you want to try a new hijab or hairstyle, then go for it. Dont worry about what other people think, just be you 😀

Thanks for Reading! Inshallah until next time ❤

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