Hats and Skirts

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Asalamualaikum everyone! I hope everyones Jummah was good, Alhamdulillah. Today, the breeze of the wind left my hands numbs, I could not feel them for a good 15 minutes. 😛 That aside, today I finally got the courage to wear my maxi skirt even though it was the middle of winter. Maxi skirts > pants any day. This maroon colored maxi skirt has a straight silhouette, which is perfect for modest fashion seekers who’d like to hide the shape of their legs. I paired the skirt with a pale pink top to accentuate the white lines on the skirt and I went for a white scarf. Alot of people are afraid of wearing white, because it darkens their complexion. I think white looks great on a number of people. It actually emphasizes your skin tone and gives you a soft and innocent vibe. Now what is winter without some dark colors. The main peice in this outfit is my black, velvet floppy hat which is such a cute winter trend. It adds sophistication to your look. I then opted for a black coat, a black bag and my black platform boots to complete the whole look. Dont be afraid of heels. Adding a little height to your look will do wonders


Top: H&M

Skirt: Macys

Shoes and Hat: H&M

Bag: Coach


1-Dont be afraid of wearing a monochromatic look. I wore reds and pinks today but balanced the look out with dark colors. 

2- Bad hijab days call for a hat.

3-Dont be afraid to express yourself 😀

I hope you all enjoyed

Inshallah until next time ❤

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