Red Scarf

Winter Outfit 

Red Scarf and Boots

Cozy ScarfIMG_5872


Asalamualaikum! The snow just wont stop falling. If you cant beat em, join em, and take pictures with the pretty snow in the back. One of my favorite things about winter is that I can wear super oversized sweaters, like this one here. Its actually my dads sweater, but its so cozy that it became mine….. I paired the sweater with some black bottoms and brown ankle boots. The boots have a rubber heel, making them super comfortable to walk in. My outfit looked alittle bland, so for a pop of color, I opted for this vibrant plaid scarf. Its so comfy, and it practically shielded my face from the wrath of the wind :P. Its also a huge scarf, which I absolutly love because it eliminates the need for accessories and provides warmth with a touch of style. 


Sweater: Macys

Pants: H&M

Shoes: H&M

Scarf: Burlington

I hope you guys enjoyed ❤ Inshallah until next time ❤ 

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