Red with Long Sleeves

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Asalamualaikum :)! Today we have a red maxi dress. First of all, the fact that this dress is long sleeve is amazing, and the fact that its also amazing is 10 times better. This dress is made out of a jersey material making it incredibly comfy and easy to move around in. The color of this dress is also beautiful. This dress, just speaks for itself so I decided to against wearing a necklace. I feel like this dress was made for me 😀

A jersey dress is a very flattering clothing item when worn properly. Its important to choose a length that flatters you and also a cut that accentuates your good points. Dont over accessorize when it comes to jersey dresses and dont be afraid to try something new. A red dress is a classic and can be worn on many different occasions. However, don’t go overboard with makeup because the red in your dress is already a bold statement to your look and will most likely not compliment crazy eye shadow colors. Do, attempt a red lip. It can be bold and beautiful and can add sophistication to your look.

Dress: Forever 21

Scarf: Burlington

Ring: Forever 21

Thanks for Reading. Inshallah until next time ❤

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2 thoughts on “Red with Long Sleeves

  1. You grow more radiant and beautiful each day! If you only knew how much I miss you! Hope you are having a great school year! Love always – Miss C

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