The Abaya

IMG_6519IMG_6521 IMG_6522  IMG_6520Salaam! Todays outfit is all about this midnight blue abaya. Its a one- size abaya from pakistan and made of a thick jersey material. Abayas are seroiusly so much more better than any clothing item i own. There easy to slip on and even when your in a rush, you can look ten times better with an abaya. Its also very comfortable and I dont have to worry about my shirt riding up or feeling exposed.  What I love about this abaya is the details along the sleeves. The sleeves are bedazzled all the way down and add elegance to this simple abaya. Since this is a one-size fits all abaya, it didnt quite fit me well, so I tied a blue belt around my waist for added definiton. I wore a gold hijab to contrast the blue and went off to school. 😀

Thanks for reading

Inshallah until next time

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