Tropical Flowers

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Salam!!!! The weather has finally started to warm up Alhamdulillah! ❤ What better way to welcome spring than with flowers. This Kimono Cardigan has a beautiful and tropical floral print on it and its nice and vibrant and the statement piece in my look. Usually Id go for wear an all black outfit with this cardigan but, since spring is right around the corner, I wanted to brighten up the color palette by wearing a white dress underneath. The white contrasts with the vibrancy of the cardigan but also adds a cute boho vibe to the outfit. White is hands-down the best color all year round. I also wore a pink statement necklace to tie the look together as well as matching lipstick. 

1- When wearing Vibrant colors and peices, tone down the look with nuetral colors such as white, grey and black.

2- Floral prints will be everywhere this spring and summer, so start experimenting with different patterns to create a unique look.

3- Dont forget to Smile. Its Sunnah 😀 ❤

Cardigan: Forever21

Dress: Burlington

Necklace: Macys

Thanks for Reading ❤ Inshallah until next time ❤

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