Mixing Prints

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Salaam Everyone! In todays look, I mixed three different prints: Cheetah, Stripes and Polka Dot. Mixing prints can be difficult but if you know what your doing, you can pull it off well. When mixing prints, mix prints of different scale. My top has stripes that are far apart which compliments my jeans which have dots that are closer together. Also, match colors, not prints. If the colors go well together, the prints will go well together. I matched my cheetah print scarf with my shoes and my black cardigan. Notice how the scarf has the craziest print but it doesn’t look overwhelming because the other pieces of my outfit are toned down.

When Mixing Prints:

1-The simple the print, the easier it is to mix: This is why black and white stripes go well with everything. They are a basic print that can look great with complex prints.

2- Break the look with solid colors: If your not into print on print, break up the look with a solid color. I chose this black cardigan to tone down the contrast between my scarf and top.

3- Mix textures with prints: If your not a fan of print on print, match your graphic top with a textured bag or a fur coat.

4- Pair two types of the same print: This could mean pairing large stripes with small stripes or large circles with small circles. It will keep your outfit look chic and balanced

Top: Forever21

Cardigan: Forever21

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: H&M

Scarf: Kohls

Thanks for reading. Inshallah until next time ❤

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