Lavenders and Yellows



Asalamualaikum! Happy Spring!!!!! The weather has finally decided to cooperate with my outfit :P. Todays look is a fresh and happy ensemble representing spring and all the joys that come with it. ( too cheesy?) I paired a white top over a periwinkle dress that I purchased from Forever 21. What I really like about this dress, is that it is thick jersey material, so not only is it flowy, it is also opaque so you legs cant be seen. Yellows are blues are contrasting colors so I paired this dress with a light yellow hijab and this color combo screams spring without wearing florals or pinks. For accesories, I wore my favorite statement necklace along with a few bracelets, rings and a watch. Adding this tough hardware to a light and springy outfit adds depth to your look.

Top: Forever21

Dress: Forever21

Scarf: Kohls

Jewelry: H&M

Thanks for reading. Inshallah until next time ❤

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