Palazzo Pants


Asalamualaikum ( Peace be Upon You)! The weather has been beautiful this whole week and the sky cleared up just in time for my photo session. Today, I styled a pair red palazzo pants that scream boho chic. I personally believe that wide-legged pants are perfect for short girls because they are high wasted and elongate the legs. Usually when it comes to loose bottoms, I’d opt for a fitted top, but fashion rules are meant to be broken. I paired my pants with a loose and flowy top from H&M and a camel colored scarf to match my tan sandals. Since Palazzo Pants are a multi-functioanl peice, its super easy to pair casual and dressy peices together. Also, when wearing bold colors, keep your makeup natural. An eye-catching piece doesnt require strong makeup, a simple lipstick will do. IMG_9217IMG_9215


Mix different fabrics together: You can pair, silk with cotton, or velvet with fringe.

Choose a style that flatters your body: Obviously not every pair of pants you come across will compliment your figure. Choose a pair that not only feels comfortable but makes you feel happy.

Dont Be Afriad to gold bold with prints and colors: Possibilities are endless

Yes, you can pair oversized with oversized: Not only will it look cute, it will also cover your body shape

IMG_9211 IMG_9209 IMG_9210 IMG_9206

Top: H&M

Pants: Pakistan

Scarf: Kohls

Sandals: Florida

Lipstick: MAC Russian Red

Thankyou For Reading. Inshallah until next time ❤

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