1 Year of Blogging + Favorite Outfits


Asalamualaikum!!!!! (Peace be upon you!!!!) Today, marks one year of blogging!!!!! Alhamudulillah, Im so thankful to all those that take the time to read my posts, it honestly means alot to me. Im content with what I have and Inshallah there will be many more years to come.

This outfit was actually from yesterday which was Mothers Day. My family was going out so I thought it was the perfect time to wear this pink coat. This coat is elegant and long and perfect for dinner and nights out. I kept my entire look neutral by wearing all white to make the coat the main peice of the outfit. Since this was a fancy dinner, I wore a pair of black heels (which were so uncomfortable) and a black coach bag to finish off the look)

Coat: Forever21   Shoes: Sears    Pants: Old Navy    Necklace: H&M Scarf    Kohls Bag: Coach


These are my favorite looks from this year. Thank you for all those who tuned into my blog! It really means alot and Im so happy to have completed 1 year of blogging.

Thankyou so much for reading! Inshallah until next time<3

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