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Asalamualaikum. ( Peace be Upon You). Todays outfit features this beautiful maxi circle skirt. Circle Skirts are known to flatter any figure and are perfect for summer time, but a Maxi Circle Skirt is 10x’s better. Since this skirt has so much fabric, it flows beautifully in the breeze and it isnt too heavy, so you wont trip on it. The pattern on the skirt is absolutely beautiful and it reminds me of the transition between fall and summer.

IMG_9774 IMG_9771 IMG_9775 IMG_9772

Todays post was a little shorter, but I still hope you enjoyed it! ❤

Top: Old Navy

Skirt: Burlington

Scarf: H&M

Shoes: Boutique

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Inshallah until next time<3


2 thoughts on “Twirling

  1. Beautiful outfit mashaAllah! The skirt and the hijab contrast very well and I like how you used a white shirt. It makes the colors less overpowering.

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