Youtube Channel and New Looks

youtube video

Asalamualaikum!!! I said that there were going to be more exciting things this week! TA-DA!!! Introducing the ’98 hijabi youtube channel!!! If your wondering who the other girl in the photo is, its actually my best friend, Jannatul. We decided that we would create a youtube channel and if it proved to be a success, this blog will slowly but surely morph into the ’98 hijabis blog. Dont worry, Ill still blog weekly about fashion and ootds. 🙂 We’ve uploaded our first video, so you should check it out—->

Now here are the looks from the photoshoot


DSC_0002DSC_0013   DSC_0017 DSC_0050

  DSC_0060  DSC_0068 DSC_0069   Check out the Youtube video for outfit details ❤

Inshallah until next time ❤

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Follow Jannatul: @jennafardous

Follow ’98 Hijabis On youtube as well! 😀


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