City Look


Salaam everyone! Summers coming to an end, and to savor the last few days, I went to NYC for the day with my friend for some back to school shopping and sight-see-ing. First hand advice, NEVER WEAR BLACK IN THE CITY!, i was boiling under neath my kimono, It was so hot T_T. But other than that, I thought my outfit was cute and chic, and it definitly gave off a city chic vibe, even though I was dying under that heat.


I wore this floral kimono over a white blouse and tied it in the front. Tie-ing the kimono helped elongate my figure by showing off my black skirt. It created the illusion that I had longer legs and I seemed tall, which is always a plus when it comes to fashion.

IMG_3306  IMG_3309   IMG_3275 IMG_3304

I wore my favorite statement necklace to spice up the outfit, and a pink/tan hijab to add more color to my almost all black ensemble. I regret taking my purse because it was a hassle, If I could change, Id bring a small black backpack with me so I could put my wallet, phone and keys without having to put so much strain on one shoulder. But other than that, it was a really fun day in the city. I strongly reccomend trying the udon at Dake sushi, its a tiny place but the service is quick and friendly.

Kimono: H&M

Blouse: Forever21

Skirt: Marshalls

Scarf: Kohls

Necklace: Forever21

Shoes: Florida

Bag: Coach

Thanks for Reading this super short post. Once school starts, inshallah Ill get back into blogging weekly. But until then, Inshallah until next time<3

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