Autumn Sunshine


Salaam Everyone! Happy Fall! Summer weather is almost gone and I can finally embrace my autumn wardrobe. Im so excited to rock bold lip colors and hues of brown and red this fall. I love fall because I can bundle up in cute sweaters and long pants and experiment with fiercer makeup looks.


Today I decided to take inspiration from the the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves. I wore these burnt orange palazzo pants that are actually a summer piece transformed into a fall piece. You can easily turn your summer outfits, like maxi dresses and color pants, into fall looks by simply adding the right accessories. Here I paired the pants with a black top and a maxi cardigan. This season is all about maxi cardigans, There perfect for chilly weather and they instantly turn your outfit from casual to put together.

IMG_4805   IMG_4806

I wore a black hijab with an abstract rose pattern to add movement to my solid colored look. When wearing a solid color with a solid color, break up the look with a patterned piece. Also add a statement necklace or head band to add a personal flair to your look. Lastly, my shoes are these beautiful pointed flats that are knock-offs of the Valentino studded flats that were really big a couple years ago. These shoes go with everything, Ive paired them with almost every outfit in my closet and as a plus they get lots of compliments


Black Top: Forever21

Orange Pants: Forever21

Cream Cardigan: JC Penney

Scarf: Macys

Shoes: Charlotte Rousse

Necklace: Forever21

Remember the seasons are just guidlines for colors and trends, you dress how you want, express yourself and have fun.

Thanks for reading, Inshallah until next time ❤

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