Olive for Fall


Salaam everyone! Im back today reviewing my favorite black friday buy–> Kabayare’s Olive Mesh Skirt! Ive been keeping my eye on this skirt for weeks, and finally when black friday came around, I rushed to buy it before it went out of stock. This skirt is so elegant and beautiful. Its made with such care and quality that it actually  makes you look expensive 😉

Kabayare Olive Skirt


I never thought that green was a fall color. I always strayed away from greens because I always felt they were too bright and neon-y. However, this muddled color is so beautiful. It reminds me of green tea. This skirt is perfect for fall. I love the mesh pattern all over the skirt. It adds the allusion of longer legs which I LOVE! I received so many compliments on this amazing skirt. The only complaint I have is the size. The smallest size offered for this skirt is a small, however if your someone with a petite frame, there is going to be at least an inch of space between you and the skirt. Keep in mind if your an xs size girl, pinning it with a safety pin will solve that problem.


I paired the skirt with a off white top that had a black lace design on top, which is such a great idea because its a shirt that makes it look like your wearing a statement necklace. Remember to keep a lookout for unique shirts like this because they will emphasize your look without having to wear too much.Also, since it was freezing today, I had to wear my black coat, which Ive worn the heck out of for the past three years. What can I say, black never goes out of style.

This skirt is everything. I love everything about it. Kabayare never fails to impress. They have a whole range of INCREDIBLE dresses and skirts. For all my hijabis that are trying to find modest yet elegant clothes, Kabayare is your go-to place. Find the skirt here–> http://www.kabayarefashion.com/olive-mesh-maxi-skirt.html

Outfit Details

Top: H&M

Coat: Burlington Coat Factory

Skirt: Kabayare

Thanks for reading, Inshallah until next time ❤

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2 thoughts on “Olive for Fall

    1. ..I didnt mean to upset you over a small thing like that, I appreciate your concern but I was just putting it out there for some girls who are very petite. I dont think im bashing any type of body so if I upset you over a small comment like that, Im truly sorry and will change it.

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