Salaam everyone, today is going to be a different type of blog post. Yes, it will be fashion related but today I wanted to share some personal thoughts.


I am a hijabi Muslim girl. Wearing a hijab does not make me any less American nor does being Muslim. The scarf on my head is not a symbol of oppression and it is in no way related to violence. I have encountered many racist people and have had many things said to me. No, I am not an Isis Freak, no I am not a terrorist and no I certainly am not an oppressed slave. To all those who spewed those racist remarks towards me, I have something I want to say.


You might think Im controlled,and  you might think Im oppressed, but my strengths and my talents are exemplified through my hijab. Fine go ahead and think what you want, I cant change your opinion. However, please do not associate the hijab to a symbol of evil and violence. Its a form of modesty and an expression of inner beauty.


Just because I cover my body and cover my hair does not make it acceptable for you to judge me based solely on your uneducated wit. I CHOOSE to cover my hair, I CHOOSE to cover my body. It helps me create a bond with my lord. Its not a burden for me nor should it be a burden for you. It an act of worship. My love for Allah SAW is much greater than my attachment to this world. Right now, being a Muslim is tough. You are accused of being a radical and you are accused of every single thing that extremists do. That small percent of “muslims” who perform those acts of terror DO NOT FOLLOW ISLAM. The Quran condemns violence and it is a FACT that Islam is a peaceful religion. Do not let other people’s interpretations of Islam distort the truth.


My hijab does not cover up my weakness. It displays my strength. Ive been ridiculed and laughed at yet I will continue to wear it. I’ve been told to go back to my country, yet I was born in America. I was called an Isis freak yet all I did was walk into a pizza shop. I am Muslim  and I am proud. I am a hijabi and I am proud. You can say all you want but you can never take my pride away. I apologize that my expression of freedom doesn’t match with yours.


I cover for God not for you.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts….

  1. It breaks my heart that anyone should be judging you so harshly and unfairly. I love you and your passion to love and honor God. Your heart is so sweet and sensitive. Please never let the poisonous barbs of this world pierce it. Proud of you staying true to yourself! Be wise. Be safe. Be free to express yourself. Love and miss you!

  2. Wow, I think the society needs to know this. It’s sad that society believes the media, whether it be false they will still believe it no matter what. I am also an American Hijabi, in my past years I’ve gotten bullied for wearing the hijab but not to the extent where I was verbally abused. I’m glad you decieded to touch base on this issue. We, as Muslimahs, must not allow the negativity from people pull us down but rather rise higher. Remember when Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) neighbor used to throw piles of trash at him while he would leave home. Nevertheless, he did not complain but went about his business. Then one day, the neighbor got sick and the Prophet (PBUH) went to visit her, not mockingly but rather with a warm heart and care.

    1. Thankyou! I 100% agree with you. The world can be a scary place but as long as we have faith in Allah, everything will fall into place Inshallah! Thankyou for the comment, it really made my day!

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