Lavender and Prints


Salaam Everyone! Im back with another post with yet another purple piece in my wardrobe. One of my favorite dresses of all time has been this long sleeve lavender dress from urban modesty. The dress is completely opaque which means you don’t have to layer underneath and feel uncomfortable. The dress also comes with pockets! Any dress that has pockets is a win for me. The dress is also lightweight yet durable. It kept me warm on this brisk “winter” day as well.


The dress is extremely long which helps lengthen your figure and gives you an excuse to break out your heels ;D. The dress is designed so simply yet the pleats and buttons transform and enhance the silhouette of the dress. Pastels are always trendy for the winter time (even though winter… hasn’t started yet…. GLOBAL WARMING!!!). Its time to break out all the pale pinks, lavenders and baby blues for this time of year. The softness of the colors highlight a more innocent vibe to your look and it will make you appear more fresh and lively.IMG_7413.JPGIMG_7410

I paired this elegant dress with a floral patterned hijab. Mixing prints might seem hard, so I would suggest wearing your patterned pieces with solid colored pieces. This dress is perfect for parties, weddings, any formal event. You could even go for a casual look with this dress by pairing it with a denim jacket or a maxi cardigan.IMG_7411IMG_7409

This dress is 100% hijab friendly and perfect in every single way. I love that its loose yet it doesn’t make me look frumpy. Its perfect for spending a day at the park with your favorite cousin (as pictured above).

Dress: Urban Modesty

Scarf: Gift

Shoes: Charlotte Rousse

Thank you for reading! Inshallah until next time<3

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