*Hues of Blue*


Salaam everyone. Winters here and Im having warm weather withdrawals but with winter comes the sleek coats and black booties, so I guess Its not so bad. One of my favorite seasons to style is winter because layering is a magnificent art. Not only that, but BRING ON THE COATS! I have slowly been building up my coat collection since last year and Im obsessed. Winter parkas and trench coats just give life to your look in the cold barren winter and they are all so chic and stylish that you can never not look great!


My dark blue coat is a perfect statement piece to my look. I wear it practically everyday and people cant tell when Im bumming because the outerwear is a work of art (courtesy of Forever 21). I really love how the coat cinches at the waist but drops down to my knees, I feel like Im wearing a warm dress whenever I have it on. I paired the coat with a button down oversized top. Plaid is always big during the fall and winter season but I find the colors too loud so this subtle lined pattern is minimalistic and eye-catching. This top did have a belt that went around the waist, but I opted to go without it because oversized tops are very trendy right now and personally I think it looks more edgy. I wore some leather leggings to follow along with the edgy look and also because it was freezing outside and these were the only pants that kept me insulated 😛 I wore my black pointed toe boots to complete the ensemble as well as a black scarf. Pointed toe-d shoes are another trend thats been floating around for a while. It looks more elegant and creates the illusion of longer legs.


I wore a dark purple lip with this outfit. I was going full on 90s grunge with my makeup. This purple lipstick looks really dark in person and I had trouble trying to wear it but with a neutral eye and a dark color palette, it pulled off very well. If your looking for edge in your outfit, Id suggest a dark lip color, almost black, but If your in subtlety, then a nude lip would look just as great.


Finishing the post in all smiles! Thank you for reading and have fun styling!

Top: Charlotte Rousse

Coat: Forever 21

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Charlotte Rousse

Scarf: Kohls

Lipstick: Palladio in Damask

Inshallah until next time<3

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