Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland 2

Welp, it snowed again in New York, (even though it was 53 degrees yesterday)! Winter isn’t too bad with its beauty and aesthetic and all and it also showcases the beauty of Allah SAW power. I would classify today as the perfect snow day because it wasnt too cold and it was also Jummah. What better day to replenish yourself than on a Jummah during a snow storm? I believe that Fridays are the best days to look back at the week and ask for forgiveness and also praise the Lord for everything that I am thankful for. We often only pray to Allah to want something but we should also say Alhamdulillah for all that he has provided us in this Dunya and ask for a place in the Akhira.

winter wonderland 1winter wonderland 3

Today I braved the cold in this stylish and chic Delicate Hijabi Dress. This dress is long sleeve and super flowy. I love how it moves when I walk. I feel like a princess in this dress whenever I walk up the stairs or down the hall. It moves so elegantly. The dress is also completely opaque which is literally the best thing ever because you dont have to wear annoying under tops underneath and feel super constricted and uncomfortable. Overall its a great dress, the fabric is a little stiff though, however after a few wears and a couple of washes, it becomes more breathable. I also love the pattern of the dress. Its very bold and it can spark conversation. I wish there were more patterns and colors for this dress. I want to stock my closet full of them. Id say that this was a great buy. Id give it a 4.5 out of 5.

winter wonderland 6

I paired the dress with my favorite white scarf. I haven’t worn white in a long time and I dont really know why because I absolutely love the color. Especially during Winter, white makes you appear innocent and sweet. For me, its my safe color. I can always rely on it because similar to black and grey, it can be paired with anything and it enhances different features on different people. White is an angelic color and brings out the modesty and purity of a persons personality.

winter wonderland 4winter wonerland 5

I pinned a heart necklace on top of my hijab just to add a little something to my Regal look. I dont usually wear small and dainty necklaces because its pointless under my hijab, however I do have a few that I always keep because they can be transformed into hijab accessories. There perfect for weddings, parties, graduations and photoshoots in your backyard. This necklace isn’t over powering and just perfect for this soft wintery look. I also have on a pearl bracelet and a ring to match my head piece.

winter wonderland 7

Thanks for Reading Everyone! Inshallah until next time ❤

Dress: Delicate Hijab

Scarf: Jackson Heights

Necklace: Forever 21

Bracelete and Ring: Boutique in Pakistan

For more updates, follow me on instragram: @thedreamingali


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