Grey Skies, Light Showers



Sometimes I feel a premonition is coming. Every now and then I get so caught up with the world. Theres so much irrelevance and ignorance that gets tangled in my mind and it makes me worry and forget. The world, the desires, everything. They make me forget, forget my purpose. These past few days have been filled with grey skies and light showers. Right now, the world is a scary place. Theres so many things going wrong yet here I am worrying about what shoes go best with my dress. I feel a premonition coming. I always feel like I drift away and get jolted back by some sort of tragedy. There are days that go by that feel like hours and, weeks go by that feel like minutes. Im constantly stuck in the struggle of trying to be consistent with the world yet still be in remembrance with my faith.  However, the rain helps me think. Its a blessing. Its a time where I can look out into the sky that my Lord has created and ask for forgiveness. Rain is a direct sign of Allah SAW and a way to increase my Deen. Whenever I feel a premonition coming,  I like to stick my hand out of my window just to feel the soft droplets roll around in my hand. I feel at ease. I know that the path Im taking has been predestined and that God knows whats best for me. A reminder for me and for everyone reading this post is to, stop questioning the wrongs in your life and put more faith in your lord.

IMG_8888 2

Ive come to find the rain comforting. Its a pleasant reminder that although the world is turning to chaos, I still have my Lord watching over me.



Although this post is different than my usual posts, I did want to include an outfit for those who were interested. I guess you could say this is my go-to rainy day look. Its simple, casual and keeps my comfy and warm. Ive been loving long cardigans as well as the sporty spring look. Its cute even though it requires little to no effort. Its easy to stay hassle free for a while especially when dealing with clothes. I hope you enjoyed this post even though it wasn’t what many of you were expecting. Thankyou for reading!

Shirt Dress: Bobs

Cardigan: Burlington

Pants: Burlington

Shoes: Adidas Superstar

Inshallah until next time ❤



2 thoughts on “Grey Skies, Light Showers

  1. Salaam alaikum, sometimes all that is required is to be a lamp- holder in these times of darkness, keeping the space to not get pulled into a vortex of negativity that is pervading our world. Don’t lose hope there are others with you!
    I love ❤ this look! I would copy it today if i had the cardigan! Thanks 😊

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