Spring in Bloom


Salam Everyone! Lately Ive been obsessed with flower crowns. I have a mini collection now lol. But what other time is better to wear them than spring? For a beautiful and sunny day like today, rocking florals is perfect. Fall and winter were all about the demure and sophisticated look but Spring and Summer is all about innocent and romantic looks.


One of my basic looks for spring is all white. White on white is a statement itself. However, adding neutral pieces such as a beige kimono can turn your look from innocent to boho. Stick to a light and neutral palette and add hints of color with your makeup or accessories.


I always get requests to do this hijab style. Its super simple yet elegant. One of these days Ill definitely film a tutorial on how to do this hijab style. One of the other things I love about spring is how I can play around with different hijab styles because I wear lighter hijabs that are easier to work with.


All Smiles for this blog post. Hope you enjoyed!

Skirt: Burlington

Shirt: Burlington

Flower Crown: Forever21

Scarf: Charming Charlies

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Inshallah until next time ❤


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