Mellow Moods

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Salaam!!! April showers did not bring may flowers, in fact the exact opposite happened and its been raining for the past three days. But aside from that, Yay!!!! Mays here! You know what that means. Everyone is having crippling anxiety over finals and exams. Jokes aside, Im actually glad its May because that means Ramadan is right around the corner! Since its still chilly outside, I have not yet put my sweaters and turtlenecks away. Which is great because I can cover my neck and wear my favorite hijab style but still stay warm and fuzzy.

DSC_0633DSC_0630 copy

I paired a mauvy sweater with a simple black skirt because its a staple piece in my closet and I can easily match it with anything if Im in a rush. I also wore a statement necklace because Im wearing three solid colors on top of each other and to break off the boring and somber vibe from the look, I added a touch of bling.


I always get requests to do a tutorial on this hijab style and Im the worst person because I always promise to film one but never actually do it. *crys* Inshallah I will get one done by summer. I find that this style looks really edgy when using a textured scarf. Im obsessed with this scarf, its textured and soft and stays in place all day! ( goalsssss) I really love to experiment with different hijab styles, I feel creative and really proud that Im able to make a modest statement. Since I wear the hijab daily, its become a huge pillar of support. I know that sounds weird but just the feeling of covering my hair when I go out to get the mail really helps me feel closer to my deen. I always say this, “Its a symbol of modesty, not a form of oppression”. DSC_0637

I look super moody in all of these shots but I swear I was just trying to look as candid as possible *crys* Thank you for reading my post, It means a lot that you actually clicked on my page to look!

Scarf: H&M

Sweater: Old Navy

Skirt: Marshalls

Necklace: Forever21

Shoes: Old Navy

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Inshallah until next time


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