Whats it like being a Design Student?


Salaam Everyone! I’ve finally started school in the City and have been loving every minute of it Alhamdulillah. Time has gone by so fast and were already at the halfway point of the semester. Ive learnt many things so far and I continue to learn along the way. So without further ado here are 10 things Ive learned as a design student so far.


img_2024People will ALWAYS Question your Major

Before getting accepted to College, a lot of people tried to talk me out of pursuing a career in the design industry. I dreamed about becoming a graphic designer since I was in 9th grade and through out the years many people tried to put me down for it. “You wont find any success in that field” “Your just going to become a housewife anyways” “You’re not going to make any money” blah blah blah. After getting accepted to college, people still question and try to out me down. There will be people who will always think their superior to you. However, you need to be strong in your passion and ignore all the negativity. For me I found strength through God and put my faith and trust in His hands and alhamdulillah all that I have today is because of Him. People still dont quite understand what Im studying, my parents dont even completely understand but as long as you have a support network and keep your head high, you will be okay!


Critiques Critiques Critiques 

One thing you need to know before applying to any art and design school is that critiques will happen almost every week and sometimes everyday. Yes, these critiques are nerve-wracking. You have to display your work for the whole class to comment on and honestly there will be days where you’ll leave class feeling disappointed that you didn’t exceed expectations. There will be some professors who are wonderful and kind and there will be some professors that will disregard your hard work and criticize you harshly. Its all a learning experience because every design field is extremely competitive. You need to be strong and confident and dont worry about not being skilled enough to compete with other students because we are all here to learn and as long as you put in a strong work ethic, your dedication and hard work will be noticed.

There will be people who will be better than you

There will be days where you will feel discouraged because of other students in your major. ITS OKAY. There will always be someone with a better skill set than you in college. Dont try to compare yourself to others because it’ll be hard to stay original. Remember everyone is here to learn.


Coffee is your Best Friend

Most of the homework you’ll get will be extremely time consuming aka no sleep. Although your professors will tell you to try and get sleep, they know, they know very well that you’ll be spending the wee hours of the night doing their assignments trying to get everything to look neat and clean.


Art is Expensive Man

Art is expensive. Instead of buying and renting textbooks, you will be spending all your money on gouache, markers, colored pencils, sketchbooks, rulers, portfolio bags and so much more. And the worst part, none of these are refundable, meaning you’ll have to keep replenishing yourself with all the supplies you run out of and that’ll leave a hefty hole in your wallet.

img_2434Be Inspired

The most important thing is to always try to be inspired. If you live in a big city, take the time to explore and enjoy interesting sites. Its hard to get inspired if your stuck in a small dorm or a studio all day. Get up and go have fun once in a while.

Learn to work with Different People

You will have to do group projects with people you clash heads with, and people who think about design differently than you. You will need to learn to work with difficult people because in the future you will work with clients that will have different visions from you.

You’ll start critiquing everything

It’ll happen sooner than you think. You will start noticing packages and logo designs more and start to think in terms of design. You’ll start noticing typefaces and judging company logos. It’ll just happen man.

You can’t procrastinate

Time management is key! You need to plan out your day in order to finish your homework and projects throughout the week instead of waiting till the last minute and having a complete meltdown the day before the deadline. Try not to take 3 hour naps because you will regret it. You will.

img_2265Enjoy the Ride

Remember to take the time to appreciate everything around you. Congrats! You made it where you are today and you deserve to enjoy the happy moments in life that dont revolve around art and design. Remember to make time for family and friends and take advantage of your free time to explore and have fun!


I hope you all enjoyed this read. There will be a part 2 coming at the end of the semester! Stay Tuned! Inshallah until next time ❤

Insta: @thedreamingali



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